Ilford Wargames Group


2016 Quarter 2 Dates

Last minute news. Please see the news about the postponment of our ADLG competition due to last minute issues with the venue. We are currently aiming to re-schedule this as soon as we are able to do so.


See http://redbridgesc.webs.com/ for precise location.


We will still be open as usual for other gaming from around 1.30. Anyone who finds themselves in the area will still be welcome as a guest, though space will be limited to that in regular use by the club.


We cater for a wide range of gaming tastes from Ancients to Fantasy. WW2 to Sci-Fi and just about everything in between. A number of our club members play in competitions from time to time so whether it's competitions, RPG or just the occsional geeky chat on a Sunday afternoon this might be the place for you. Note that a SAGA campaign kicked off last week.


To be a member of IWG you also need to be a member of Redbridge Social club. The annual membersip is £5.00 with a weekly charge of £2.00 for use of the social club facilities. IWG itself charges no fees.


Arte De Le Guerre -



Rampage 2016


Postponed on 22/5/2016


Watch this space for further announcements.


Please contact Madan for further information or email our contact address above.