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Star Cluster AF

As at turn 49

The Humans are the central actors in this campaign.

The C'thik's main culture is just entering the steam age, and has generally seen the UN as akin to the arrival of devils. One desparate and rebellious Sieur has sided with these dragon-riders and the UN has deployed a Peace-Making Corps to prevent the Sieur being martyred and to protect UN traders. 

After a very one-sided battle, the UN and Sieur have cleared the Sieurs lands of bandits (as the invaders had become). The Sieur of S'tiri has persuaded a neighbouring province (Anan-Omi) to join him in trading with these not-devils, provided the UN extends its protection.

A protracted Geurilla war is ongoing. The Sieur is trying to persuade cities outside the local culture to join his trade web to bypass this opposition and establish a dominant position in this great change now affecting the world. This has been aided by a major political faux-pas by the Sieur of Simi-Pali's ambassador that has driven the Wu into S'tiri's arms and by the patient diplomacy of the Human ambassador which has seen the state of Haemee's forces change side. 

Humans (in cooperation with the S'tiri) have laid a railway from the northern coast of the mainland to Aleet and are extending this to Eschi. This railway is creating the market for Iron that is driving major industrialisation in S'tiri and Anan-Omi and the supply of the Human armies is driving up profits in the Farms that are also benefitting from the introduction of Steam power. Aid from the UN has seen the S'tiri recieving education in many engineering wonders, and they are on the verge of building their first Internal Combustion Engine.

Solar System: Key points around Earth

Earth, Luna and the immediate environs showing points where stations can be placed without their wandering off into deep space

Earth or Terra

Ran or C'thik