OitB Unit Structures

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UN Military Structures: 2033

UN High Command

Following the discovery of interstellar travel, the UN was granted overall control of off-world forces and structured these as follows: -

  • UN General Assembly
    • International Organisation for Migration (Organises recruitment of colonists)
    • IAEA (Nuclear Energy Monitoring)
  • UN Secretariat
    • UN Department of Safety and Security (UN Facility Security)
    • UN Department of Interstellar Affairs (UN Diplomatic Corps)
  • UN Security Council
    • UN Chiefs of Staff Committee (Reconstituted as an oversight committee for the UNSF)
    • UNSF: UN Space Force
      • UNSN: UN Space Navy
      • UNST: UN Space Troops (Only authorised for deployment OFF earth)
      • UNSF Survey Command
      • UNMP: UNSF Military Police
    • UN Peacekeeping Forces
  • UN Trusteeship Council (Reconstituted for Space Colonies held in trust)
    • UN Trust Police constituted as:
      • UN Colonial Police (Habitable Worlds)
      • UN Outworld Police (Other Worlds and Belts)
    • WHO (Quarantine Service)
    • UNESCO
      • ICSU: International Council for Science (Recruitment of survey unit scientific staff and coordination of scientific research for the UNSF)
  • International Court of Justice (Court of appeal for UNSF)

Note that the restriction of the complete disarmament of space was revoked when the possibility of contact with aliens was deemed imminent. This was later found to have been a prudent option.

The UNSF has found itself embroiled in two conflicts: On Ran (Epsilon Eridani), the C'thik are fighting a civil war about control of access to  the UN, and at Firefly the Oskhoak challenged the UN's access to the system.