This Month - Weekly update

Ilford Wargames Group


2016 February - March

The club secretary from time to time reminds club members to let him know what games are on. From that he tries (sometimes without much luck) to let club members know what is going on so that if they suddenly find themselves free on a Sunday they might be able to pop down and join in with the fun.

The aim with this is to try and get games booked in two or three weeks in advance.


End April into May.....



24th April


We should have a 4 player Saga Game on this Sunday which Dave C is organising. Madan is down for ADGL as are a couple of others.


1st May- noting this again is a bank Holiday weekend and we will need to decide if we are going to be open (or not).


8th May - no games notified yet. PK looking for ADLG practice.


15th May no games notified yet. PK looking for ADGL game (yes desperate for practice).


22nd May. ADGL day. Depending on the final number of takers we may not have tables for other rules / periods. We are expecting to use the main hall that day. We also need to know who from the clb is traking part. Army Lists will be due to Madan 1st May.


29th May - yes its's another bank holiday and who knows the weather might actually be good! Need to confirm whether we intend to be open that weekend (please discuss!).


Madan is also promoting his ADLG `Age of the Elephants' campaign - India and the far East 1300 ish. He has a few takers, and I'll be aiming to put up a separate page for this once I get some more details..