Ilford Wargames Group


IIn case there's any doubt we are still here and meeting every Sunday at Redbridge Social Club.

We have regular games using the following rules systems

SAGA, (latest edition including the fantasy version),  Flames of War (4th Edition), Team Yankee, Chain of Command.  We also have a home grown Science Fiction Space campaign up and running, and a possible Team Yankee campaign in the works. 

You don't need to bring piles of terrain with you for a game either as we have our own stored at the club.

To be a member of IWG you also need to be a member of Redbridge Social club (RSC)..  The annual membership of RSC is £5.00 with a weekly charge of £2.00 for use of the social club facilities.   IWG itself charges only a nominal fee for refreshments consumed at the club (tea bags are not quite free)!

Meetings start at around 13.30 most Sundays (we tend to be closed Christmas and New Year), if you are in the vicinity pop along and see what we can offer.