Ilford Wargames Group

Our club is a great one for campaigns.  We have several campigns running and if that's your thing this might be the club for you.

For those of us who love this kind of gaming it enables us to develop characters, tactics and sometimes even whole armies that you would not otherwise see in normal pick up games.

The list below  give some of the flavour just follow the navigation to find out more about it. 

The two campaigns at the moment mentioned in a bit more detail are;

  • X wing - run by Dave J - a campaign where players lead their squadrons of star wars fighters and bombers.
  • A forthcoming (we hope) ADLG campaing which Madan is setting up

There are others including some Role Playing (e.g. Judge Dredd) and other long running campaigns such as the Talis SF campaign.    I understand there is a rumours of a 1940 Flames of War campaign being developed.