Moguls and Maharajas

Ilford Wargames Group

This page is for information about Madan's Moguls and Maharajas Campaign an Art De Le Guerre campagn set in Medieval India.    Madan is currently developing rules maps and all of the rest of the information that's needed to run something that will be entertaining for anyone wishing to take part. 

Introduction below for reference   

Madan is intending to run a Mediaval India campaign (he was muttering some nonsense about heritage but as usual most of us were ignoring him).

As we get more information it'll be published here.

He has already come up with some interesting concepts `Kudos' and `Karma' - using different ways other than just battles to be `top of the heap'.    Inter-dynastic marriage anyone? 

So brush up on your ADLG far east armies for around 1300 ish.  Or simply follow the sound of the Elephants...