Out in the Black

Ilford Wargames Group

Out in the Black

June 2019

The UN has taken the discovery of a new form of drive that makes getting into space cheap and easy as the basis for starting the discovery of the solar system. The genius that discovered this drive has suggested that at some points in the system, the drive will also allow the opening of gates to other stars...

Campaign Notes

Many of the concepts for this campaign have been lifted from Starfire (http://www.starfiredesign.com/) and other games systems so the actual underlying rules are not found anywhere but in the umpire's head!

The basics however are: -

  • Space is vast...travel within a system is going to take weeks
  • Space is so vast that travel between systems is impossible without using wormholes to get from one place to another.
    • These can only be traversed by ships
    • They are usually hard to find
  • Ships are modular and expensive to build and operate
  • Technology isn't consistent between cultures, but
    • gets more expensive and more effective as you get better at using it
    • can be stolen or researched
    • operates according to a fixed set of rules so all technologies start looking alike (but not the same) regardless of where they were developed.

Medals and Awards under the UNSF

The UNSF has instituted 3 levels of award:-

  1. The UN Star for extreem heroism
  2. The UN Cross for heroism
  3. The UN Medal for Valour for bravery under fire.

Since the start of the campaign, these have been sparsely awarded - none yet of the 1st class.