OitB Atlas Cluster CF

Ilford Wargames Group

Star Cluster CF

As at turn 55

The Idriants homeworld has been inferred from the data gathered at Faraway/B. This was from mine-workings sacked some years ago, and two captured (abandoned, heavily damaged) vessels in orbit around it. The UN has contact with the Idriants in that they have possibly been sighted in cluster DF but not talked with.

The Dangun homeworld has been destroyed by a Nuclear War several centuries ago. There is little of that civilisation remaining other than ruins, and the larger fauna has become extinct.

CF17AB (Cain & Abel)

A cataclysmic variable system comprising a class K main-sequence star and a white-dwarf with a stargate in the dwarf's accretion disk. Enter with caution. (Scale in tH)

Idriant Empire

The Snake Belt (in DF06) was clearly once part of the Idriant Empire, and in an abandoned structure on the largest asteroid in that belt, Agkistrodon, the following chart was found scratched on a table-top. It's importance was only realised on turn 59.

The UN, it seemed, had found the edge of a large but broken entity.