OitB Atlas Cluster DF

Ilford Wargames Group

Star Cluster DF

As at turn 57

The unexplored gate at 5sH in Redeye was mined on the redeye side, although the system Redeye system appears unoccupied.

DF98 and DF99 navigation details are incomplete and unverified and were found on a partially destroyed Freighter at Faraway/B (CF06/B)

Redeye is a Young Stellar Object and the system is still full of proto-stellar junk that messes up sensors quite sucessfully.

Subsequently, this gate became the first point of contact between the Idriants and the UNSF. It did not go peacefully.

Turn 58

Idriants send a fleet of 2 cruisers and 5 escorts into the Snake Belt and systematically destroy the habitations in one sector. Tens of thousands are killed. The presence of such a squadron proves that there is at least one alternative gate not known to the UN Space Navy and the size of it forces the defences at Gate 1 to be withdrawn before they could be overwhelmed.

Turn 60

The UN Space Navy starts the month by intercepting a small Idriant convoy, destroying a freighter and its escorting destroyer without loss.

A shuttle, manned by a number of races, trades with the snake belt - exchanging food, water and air for refined metals. This shuttle then returns to a battered freighter which moves towards gate 2.

The Idriants then continue to harras the settlements in the snake belt. What appears to be a troop convoy escorted by 3 destroyers and 3 escorts is met by 4 Terran destroyers. The ensuing battle sees the escort eviscerated and both sides reduced to shattered shells. The Idriant objective, the Moccasin asteroid complex, is protected because of this as the troop carriers no longer dare to attempt a landing.

Turn 61

Idriant Pirates trade some map details for supplies. DF05 and DF04 are added to the map.