OitB Atlas Cluster JF

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Star Cluster JF

Star Cluster JF as at turn 62

The Eiui have established a trade station at the gate to UN space and have negotiated a mutual treaty for naval aid under strictly  limited conditions.

Their first ever joint naval exercise with the UN is scheduled to take place this turn!

The Eiui are, in some ways, more technologically advanced than the UN; and in some ways less so. They have been bottled up in their system unable to escape for many years and are enjoying their ability to now do so, but are concerned at the number of races the UN has encountered and the rate at which those encounters have turned to conflict and missunderstanding.

On Turn 62, under the terms of the treaty that gave the Eiui access to the C'thik, the Eiui granted the UN access to the Cywoi. One planetary survey vessel and freighters for the purposes of trade and the transport of a trade delegation were permitted transit to the site.

The Cywoi seem in awe of the space explorers and have little in the way of technology - They are at a level of technology the equivalent of 13th Century Europe. The Eiui appear to be interest only in the trade potential of the planet and have established a small port to support this. The UN have been offerred the opportunity to construct a port adjoining theirs (using local labour) for mutual protection. Their technology is likely to recieve a major boost over the coming months.

JF96: Cywoi Map