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UN Space Troops

Administrative Organisation

The UNST is administratively split into various service arms and within those arms, different structures apply.

e.g. Within the Infantry Arm are several regiments which supply infantry battalions, while within the Cavalry Arm there are regiments that supply Armoured and Reconnaissance elements.

UNST Infantry Regiments

As at month 60 The UN deploys (By Notional UN Geoscheme Region of Recruitment) the following regiments of its own infantry (excluding Gendarmeries): -

  • UNSN
    • UNSN Grand Admirals Guard Regiment*
    • UNSN Fusiliers Regiment*
  • UNST
    • UNST Commando Regiment* (CO)
    • Long Range Reconnaissance Regiment (CO)
    • Maritime Reconnaissance Regiment# (CO)
  • Africa – North
    • Sahel Regiment
  • Africa – East
    • Askari wa Nifari Regiment
  • Africa – South
  • Africa – Middle
  • Africa – West
  • Americas – North
  • Americas – Central
  • Americas – Caribbean
    • Caribbean Maritime Regiment#
  • Americas – South
    • Patagonia Regiment
    • Zero-G Regiment*
  • Antarctica
  • Asia – Central
  • Asia – East
    • Air Landing Regiment (IA)
    • Great Wall Regiment (IA)*
    • Jundui Regiment (IA)*
    • Sun Tzu Regiment (IA)
    • Tsuki Rentai Regiment (IA)*
    • Xiǎo xíngxīng tuán*

  • Asia – West
  • Asia – South
    • Chandr Skauts Regiment*
  • Asia – South East
    • Irrawaddi (Air Mobile) Regiment
  • Europe – North
    • Parachute Infantry Regiment*
  • Europe – East
    • Zvezdnyye Voyska* (IA)
  • Europe – South
    • Tercio Estrella*
  • Europe – West
    • Air Mobile Infantry Regiment
    • West Europe Armoured Infantry Regiment (IA)
  • Oceana
    • West Pacific (Atolls) Maritime Regiment#
  • Luna
    • Darkside Regiment*
  • Mars
    • Barsoom Highlanders Regiment*
  • Asteroid Belt
    • Belt Raiders Regiment (SF)
    • Craters Mountain Regiment*
  • Saturn Orbit
    • Titan Marine Regiment (IA)*
  • Ameratsu System
    • Inari Landing Fusileers
    • Inari Rifles
  • Epsilon Eridani System
    • C’thik Infantry Regiment
  • Hwan-In System
    • Dangun Infantry Regiment
  • Kapteyn’s Star System
    • Chimera Grenadiers Regiment
  • Proxima Centauri System
    • Odin Regiment
    • Woden Regiment (IA)
  • Thorin System
    • Dwerin Governor’s Guard (IA)*

It also deploys the following gendarmeries

  • Awon Iyooda Security Regiment
  • Ran Native Police
  • UN Colonial Police
  • UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS)
  • UN Outworld Police*
  • UNSF Military Police*

* Exotic Atmosphere Specialists

Maritime Specialists

The Armour Directorate (Recon, Armoured Recon or Armour) now deploys: -

  • Ares Tank Regiment* (A)
  • Black Dragon Armoured Regiment* (RA)
  • Black Regiment* (RA)
  • Cacadores Regiment (R)
  • Recon Cavalry Regiment* (RA)
  • Hunters Regiment* (R)
  • Palo Alto Recon Regiment* (RA)
  • Ranger Regiment* (R)
  • Kami Scouts Regiment (R)
  • Lancers Regiment (R)
  • Lhasa Recon Regiment (R)
  • Mars Light Dragoons Regiment* (R)
  • Panzer Aufklarungs Abteilung (RA)
  • Phula Recon Regiment (R)
  • Schwere Panzer Regiment* (A)
  • Terran Dragoons Regiment (A)
  • Thor’s Heavy Armoured Car Regiment* (A)

Field Organisation

In the field, the standard organisation is the brigade. These brigades are commanded by a Brigadier and are made up of units from various of the administrative branches of the service. (See UNST Standard T.O. & E for examples)

Where multiple brigades are required to operate in a region, a Divisional Headquarters Brigade will coordinate their work and where a planet needs multiple brigades to be present a Corps Headquarters Brigade will provide the central logistics and signals needed for effective command. This Corps Headquarters may be further supplemented by an Army or Army Group Headquarters Brigades as necessary.

Example brigades in service month 43 include: -



Primary Recruiting Area


Corps HQ Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere



Corps HQ Brigade


1st Division

Infantry Divisional HQ Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere


2nd Division

Infantry Divisional HQ Brigade


3rd Corps Engineer Group

Engineer Works Group HQ


6th Division

Parachute Divisional HQ Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere



Alien Liaison Brigade



Engineer Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere



Maritime Exploration Brigade



Planetary Exploration Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere

Earth's Research Universities


Planetary Exploration Brigade



Maritime Exploration Brigade



Mobile Infantry Brigade

Ameratsu System


Static Infantry Brigade



Static Infantry Brigade



Mobile Infantry Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere

Earth and Luna


Air Mobile Infantry Brigade

South East Asia, Earth


Armoured Infantry Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere

Earth and Mars


Mobile Infantry Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere

Earth and Luna


Mobile Infantry Brigade (Auxilliary)

Africa, Earth


Marine Brigade, Exotic Atmosphere

Sol Outworlds


Maritime Brigade


UNST Auxiliaries

The UNST sees all troops loyal to UN member states as UN Auxilliaries.

UN Auxilliaries are the only non-UN units that may be deployed off-Earth. All other UN member troops are deployed under the UN Peacekeeping banner and as such are liable to deployment on earth only.

UN Auxillaries are generally only trained and equipped for habitable planet deployment.

Examples include:-

XVIII Corps from the USA

16th Air Mobile Brigade from the UK

11th Air Mobile Brigade, an Armoured Brigade and a number of Foreign Legion Battalions from France & the EU

83rd Airborne Brigade (and others) from Russia

The PLA Volunteers Brigades from China

The internationally staffed UN Air Mobile Brigade, Security Brigade and Mountain Infantry Brigade

UNST Local Volunteers

The UNST support of the Sieur of S'tiri has seen the provision of local C'thik troops trained, equipped and led by UN officers. These local troops are currently limited to security police units and the C'thik Infantry Regiment.

Mercenary Companies

The establishment of the Local Volunteers gave the allied C'thik commanders on Ran ideas, and they have managed to employ a small number of Human troops as Mercenaries or Military Contractors.

This contraversial development has increased the firepower of the local's pike-and-shot brigades with the addition of RPGs and machineguns but has been seen as potentially exploitative politically. i.e. the control is not through the UN.