OitB UNSF Research Command

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UNSF Research Command

Roles and Responsibilities

Reserach Command is responsible for supporting the UNSF in all areas of research and mapping. Specifically it undertakes work in: -

  • Economic Research
  • Scientific Research
  • Systems Development
  • Fundamental Science Funding
  • Analysis of Items or Data regarding Alien technology
  • Analysis of data gleaned from Alien computers
  • Language Support for the UN Diplomatic Corps
  • Mapping
    • The layout of systems
    • The interstellar gates between systems
    • The planets, moons, belts and other objects within systems
      • On Land
      • At Sea
  • Cultural Analysis of Alien Societies

Command Structure

The command is divided into two parts: -

  1. Research & Development 
  2. Survey and Mapping

The UNSF Survey Command's main offices are at the Paranal Observatory in Chile.

The Research and Development arm coordinates various centres about the globe based in major university clusters as recomended by the ICSU (International Council for Science). It does little field work.

The Survey and Mapping arm directs operations of Planetary Exploration Groups (UNST), Maritime Exploration Groups (UNST), Planetary Survey groups (UNSN), System Survey Groups (UNSN) and Alien Liaison Groups (UNDIA and UNST). It does little but field work.

As at turn 57, The command is operating 9 Planetary Exploration Groups (Two operating Aircraft; 7 Operating Spacecraft) and 2 Maritime Exploration Groups for underwater survey. It is also operating 6 Alien Liaison Brigades and  14 space-based Planetary Survey Groups. Finally, there are 10 system survey groups (with one extra acting as a development unit for new naval technologies). As always, there is a clamour for additional survey groups and a clamour for a more cautious expansion - both at the same time.