WW2 - Multi Rule - Multi Scale

Ilford Wargames Group

This page is basically about floating some ideas for a WW2 campaign.  Our problem (or possibly our opportunity) is that we have several sets of rules that are liked / played, in a couple of differerent scales.

So the aim here is to involve people in different scales and different rules.  The proposal below (don't worry not too long) gives some ideas.

WW2 Campaign.

I initially advertised this as a `Flames of War’ campaign, but with a bit of out of the box thinking I actually think we could operate this as a multi – rules campaign so there’s room for IABSM, Chain of Command Bolt Action, and dare I say it even WRG1920-1950 if that’s your bag.


To make this work we need to agree;

a)Era – I have proposed April 1940 as a start point as the technology is reasonably balanced.


b)Participants – for a Western Front campaign this would be British, French, and German.    If we wanted to add desert it would add Italian and British desert armies, Eastern Front would add Soviet, Finns (and possibly Japanese if we wanted to get really creative).

c)I can design a simple map this would essentially be a spreadsheet containing terrain type, the units in each box, and any other features like rivers that run along the edges of areas.      A small section of map is shown at the end.

d)Army lists – I’ll explain how these work later.

e)Players.    We need at least one for each side and one for each set of rules.

f)It might be possible to add Naval to this but it needs further thinking.

I have received responses so far from:

  • •Olly (28mm German) no indication of rules preferences.   
  • •Dave J – 15mm British either Desert or Europe
  • •John G - 15mm French
  • Ian P - 15mm British (desert) German, or Russian
  • Trevor - 15mm German
  • I can do (axis) EW German, Finns and have Japanese under development (probably won’t be ready until the autumn though).   Allied I have British in Europe which I am prepared to lend.   This is a bit light on infantry but will work as armoured or mechanised.     (So this probably nominates me as an axis player). 

So how will this work?

Each side will get an equal number of counters – FOW companies (skirmish rules players don’t panic I’m coming to you).

The FOW `nationalities’ then dice for initiative.    The highest score moves a unit to attack.   A player from the opposition volunteers to play the game.    Dice again, highest score gets to nominate an attack.    A player from the opposition steps forward to play the game.    Once all FOW players have their games committed we come to other rules sets.   

So two other players decide on a chain of command game as their preference.  Doesn’t matter about the figures scale so long as they are both the same.

Once again roll from priority.  The player with priority chooses one of the infantry or mech FOW units not committed to battle already to play an adjacent enemy force.   The players’ forces will represent part of a larger conflict, and it assumes whatever the result they get will apply elsewhere (i.e. to the whole company).    The only restriction they have on force selection is that any vehicles chosen have to be available in the FOW list that the force is being drawn from.    E.g. a French skirmish list that has an S35 in use needs to have an S35 in the supporting FOW list.

So this allows for more or less any set of rules that have two players who want to play them.


Choose a scenario.   

Play the game for the allotted number of moves.

Result – objectives secured by attacker (the person with initiative) a win.  The square is taken.     

Defender wins attacker retires. No territorial difference.

Losses.    Losses are in terms of platoons destroyed.     

Under 10%   Company recovers from national reserves (no paperwork).

10 -20% remove from front for 1 turn for refit (any destroyed platoons are removed from an army list)

20-30% remove from front for 2 turns for refit (destroyed platoons as above)

30-40% remove from play for 3 turn for refit (destroyed platoons as above)

40-50 remove from play for 4 turns for refit (destroyed platoons as above)

More than 50 means a company is broken.  Its morale is broken and it needs a full rebuild (10 turns).   

Refitting or destroyed units will go onto a national refit and training track.    France and Italy have one of these each, Britain 2 (one for Europe one for `Africa'), Germany 3, Finland and Japan 1, Russia 2.   

The tracks advance 1 company 1 step to the right repair each turn for each town the country has in its undisputed possession.    Only one unit may enter at any point in any turn.   


There's a bit more that has already been circulated by email. contact me if you want more via the info@ email.