X Wing the Battle for Talis

Ilford Wargames Group

Dave Johnson has for sometime been running an X wing campaign based on the Talis Universe.   There are three factions.   

Empire : representing the invaders of the Talis system.  they use X wing `Imperial' equipment and are patrolling the system to wrest its resources from the heroic colonists

Rebels - or resistance - using classic stars wars `x wing' and other models.  The defenders of the system, building their reputation as heroes who can walk into any bar in the system and never need to buy a drink themselves.   

Scum and villany - taking the part of pirates smugglers and other individuals who are using the chaos to make a fast buck.   Who knows what side they are on (so long as they make a profit).

DJ has kindly supplied all of the information on the games played so far (about 14 to date and we hope to get some of the latest campaign flavour up here when we can.